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90 day warranty TV installation services

90-Day Warranty for Parts and Labour

All installations services provided by "Optic Net Media" carry 90-Day Parts & Labour Warranty. Warranty does not cover failures caused in-part or as a whole by the product that was supplied by the customer at the time of installation. Our warranty covers products & services that are provided by “Optic Net Media” ONLY. If any problems should arise during the warranty period, contact us and let us know the issue and we’ll try our best to remedy the problem as soon as possible. We will prove to you that you are in good hands.

Warranty - General Concerns

At the moment of service, the customer is deemed to have acknowledged the warranty conditions. The acceptance of service means the acceptance of warranty conditions as read and understood.

All installation services provided by “Optic Net Media” carry a 90-Day parts and labour warranty.

The 90-Day warranty for parts and labour is applied from the date of service.
“Optic Net Media” will pay for wall TV mount or other parts replacement and labour to correct issues for parts or workmanship.

Service must be provided by an “Optic Net Media” technician. If any work or modifications on the covered product or/and service is performed by anyone other than a technician from “Optic Net Media”, the warranty will automatically become void.

Warranty is valid only under normal use. If any indication is found that the installation setup and/or service we have provided was in misuse, used in negligence, or used beyond the product’s limitation will automatically void warranty.

The bill with the service date and parts installed is required to obtain service under this limited warranty.
Also, the customer’s signature is required on the original invoice to validate the warranty. No other data (payment confirmation, witnesses, pictures, etc.) are considered as proofs for service under this limited warranty.

Items Excluded From Warranty

Our warranty covers products and services provided by “Optic Net Media” ONLY.

The warranty does not cover failures caused in-part or as a whole by the product that was supplied by the customer at the time of installation.

In the event of a service call and/or visit that was scheduled and no fault is found with the product and/or service we have provided, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the service call and/or visit.

The warranty does not cover failures caused due to but not limited to product modification, negligence, theft, vandalism, impact fire, lightning, power failures and/or power surges, rust, corrosion, spilled liquids, exposure to weather, moisture and other environmental conditions or acts of nature.

Labour, material, expenses or equipment required to comply with and/or regulations imposed or set forth by any government agency are not covered in the warranty.

The warranty does not cover routine maintenance, adjustment of controls or consumer education. Material costs for gaining access to or removal of a unit that requires special equipment or tools are not covered.

We will try our best to handle the warranty process as fast as possible. However, the warranty does not guarantee days or time of service.

“Optic Net Media” is not responsible for delays caused by non-availability of replacement parts. We shall not be liable for any damages or inconvenience, whatsoever, arising out of delays, either before or after a day or time of service is agreed upon.

Limit of Liability

The aggregate of all coverage and benefits paid or payable under the warranty shall not exceed the current value of the product or property. If the aggregate limit is met or if the product is replaced in its entirety or a warranty buy out credit issued, the maximum liability has been met under the warranty and the customer may be required to surrender the product to “Optic Net Media”.

If it is determined that the cost of a repair will exceed the current cash value of the product at the time of the failure, as determined by “Optic Net Media” at its sole discretion may buy out the product up to its “fair” current cash value at the time of the claim in the form of cheque or store credit. Shipping and overtime charges may be extra.   

Warranty Cancellation

Warranty may be voided at the sole discretion of “Optic Net Media” in the event that a balance due is open after 30 days, or if the customer’s payment is denied or returned by their bank. Automatic cancellation will occur if an account is sent to a Collection Agency.

If any work and/or modifications are performed by any individual or company other than “Optic Net Media” the warranty becomes void.

In the event the product cannot be repaired due to unavailability from the original manufacturer “Optic Net Media’s” obligation under this warranty expires.

No warranty whatsoever will be offered on parts not provided or replaced by “Optic Net Media”.

No warranty on maintenance or cleaning work.

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