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TV Mounting Rates

TV mounting service Montreal

Flat Rate Model

You have acquired a new TV. We are ready to help you mount and install the TV on the wall. 

We operate honestly. No hidden fees, no surprises. Our per unit Flat Rate pricing model is transparent and easy for customers to understand. The TV mounting rates cover the technician’s travelling time, the insurance fees, fuel, vehicle expenses, the cost of labor to assess your space for installation and TV placement, to make recommendations, mount and level TV to wall. If you have 2 or more TVs  please ask for your 10% Discount. Also, we offer extra services as TV cabling, WiFi, Network connection, sound system upon request. 

Labour cost for TV mounting and installation jobs

The cost of TV mounting is based on the job, not on the time the task takes to perform.

The Service Call Fee is considered as accepted and beholden at the moment a customer schedules the appointment. 

The cost of labour for extra services that we offer are not included in the Flat-Rate TV Mounting Fee.

Not included with the service: TV cabling, WiFi and Network, audio and surround sound system installation, external cord concealment or in-wall wire concealment (where wires are hidden inside the wall), surveillance camera system. These services can be provided extra. Upon request our technician can inform you about extra services fees.

TV Mounting Flat Rates per Unit

22-42 inch TV



TV Mounting Rates

43-50 inch TV


  • Flat Rate

51-69 inch TV


  • Flat Rate

70 inch and larger


  • Flat Rate

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