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TV Mounting and Installation Services Montreal


A dispatcher or technician will contact you within the next 24 hours or less to confirm your TV mounting appointment. Our technicians will allow you to experience the fastest Montreal TV mounting and installation service so you can enjoy your favorite TV show as soon as possible.


Your complete satisfaction is our commitment to you. All installations in the Montreal area are covered by 90-day warranty from the date of service. In other words, with us, you are safe!


Our technicians, who are highly experienced and fully equipped professionals, will provide you with the best and safest possible TV mounting and installation service, cabling and WiFi network, wire management, sound system, surveillance cameras installation and more if you are living in the Montreal area.

Our Main Services


We are a TV mounting and TV installation business serving people who live in and around Montreal. If you need to get a TV mounted in the Montreal, Laval, West Island, and South Shore areas we can help. We install all TV sizes and models.

When it comes to smart usage of your space you should think about the best way to set up a TV that needs less space. TV wall mounting is one of the most space-efficient methods compared to other methods like using a big TV table. We’ll do a professional TV wall incorporating your ideas, enhanced through brainstorming with our expert’s advice.

You can expect the best service from our technicians, so in the end, you will have a modern-looking space, neat and clean.

Our technicians are experts in TV mounting and they deliver professional services. We can advise you where to place the TV, at what height, and to select the right TV wall mount that will offer the best viewing angles for your space.

Most importantly, our technicians will always do the job to the best of their ability including cleaning the workspace after the task is done.

We keep the cost reasonable, the experience on a high-quality level and we will have the utmost respect for your home.

As you book your TV mounting service with us, the flat rate charge will cover all the services we provide for TV mounting. In addition, upon request, we can provide you with extra services such as TV cabling, WiFi and Network, surround sound system installation, external cord concealment or in-wall concealment (where wires are hidden inside the wall), surveillance camera system and Electronic Magnetic Field home audit.

Flat Rate


*Per Unit plus Applicable Tax

*For all TVs size under 42 inches


We operate honestly. No hidden fees, no surprises. Our Per Unit Flat Rate  pricing model is transparent and easy for customers to understand. It covers the technician’s traveling time, the insurance fees, fuel, vehicle expenses, the cost of labor to assess your space for installation and TV placement size under 42 inches, to make recommendations, mount and level TV to wall. If you have 2 or more TVs  please ask for your 10% Discount. Also, we offer extra services as TV cabling, WiFi, Network connection, sound system upon request. 

Our Extra Services

TV Cabling, WiFi & Network

The technician will connect and set up new and existing AV devices to your TV. You will have all your own cables and devices connected in the the right way to obtain the best possible picture and sound. We will explain how your TV has been connected and provide you with a short demonstration and training on Smart TV setup. By default, our team will install cable on the surface of the wall not in it.

Sound System

We can set up your home-cinema surround sound system to meet your audio needs in your unique home space. For satellite speakers our technicians can do speakers placement throughout room, wall installation service, wire connection, testing and level adjustments.

Wire Management

Upon request we can provide extra services such as concealing wires. External cord concealment using plastic strip cover or in-wall cord concealment where wires are hidden inside the wall. These options hide external cables, leave the wall looking clean and help prevent kids from touching the wires.

Surveillance Camera System

No more monthly fees. You own the cameras! Our techniciens will install your camera system, video doorbells, alarm system that allow remote live view access on your cell phone, tablet and laptop. We will assess your property and make recommendations that will provide you peace of mind that your property is secure whether you're at work, on holidays or on a business trip.

EMF Home Audit

Our experts can do an Electronic Magnetic Field (EMF) Home Audit to help you reduce your EMF exposure by up to 96%. This will not only allow you to see exactly how much radiation is being emitted from things like WiFi emitters, cell phones towers, bluetooth devices, electric power meters, etc. but it will also let you know what are the solutions that you can implement right away to experience a difference in your health and wellbeing.

90 day warranty TV installation services

90-Day Warranty for Parts and Labour

All installations services provided by "Optic Net Media" carry 90-Day Parts & Labour Warranty. Warranty does not cover failures caused in-part or as a whole by the product that was supplied by the customer at the time of installation. Our warranty covers products & services that are provided by “Optic Net Media” ONLY. If any problems should arise during the warranty period, contact us and let us know the issue and we’ll try our best to remedy the problem as soon as possible. We will prove to you that you are in good hands.

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